Our Managed and Connected Instant Messaging System

Get the best Performance with CHAT 360

The result of our comparative study conducted between CHAT 360 and a well-known instant messaging management provider in the automotive industry is remarkable!

*Over the same six-month period, the implementation of CHAT 360 generated 43% more sales, for the same amount of leads.


Your dealership is available 24/7

With CHAT 360, you will never miss an opportunity again. Our agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your visitors’ questions. Optimize your responsiveness to customers for better conversion rates.

Gain Time and Efficiency

While chatting with your visitors online, our agents can schedule appointments directly in CRM 360. You save time as you no longer need to call prospects back, and it takes only seconds for visitors to become customers.

Improve your customer service

All the information collected is synchronized in CRM 360 and the data is immediately available. Full conversations are also recorded to be reused in tracking customer records and for agent training purposes.

Humanize your digital relationship

Our service is personalized according to your needs and operated by agents specially trained to use the unique vocabulary of your brand. This bridges the gap between your website and dealership visitors.

Step in at an early stage of the decision-making process

The sooner you get in contact with your prospects, the more you can help them in their reflection and establish an effective relationship of trust. CHAT 360 gives your dealership a head start!

Become the reference

Since your dealership can be reached at any time, your customers know they can count on you to answer their questions. Opening hours, ongoing promotions, technical questions, road tests.You become their key reference point in the automotive field and win loyal customers.

Master your budget

With our pay per interaction pricing system, you only pay when your customers contact you through CHAT 360.