Digital Advertising Program

Digital Advertising

The Cadillac Dealer Digital Solution offers dealers six digital advertising options to help boost search engine marketing as well as display and video advertising strategies. As customers research and work towards purchasing a vehicle, it is more important than ever to align online-advertising strategies to assist in driving more traffic to your websites.

Each one of the six suppliers will provide a dedicated campaign manager to help coordinate your digital advertising efforts to maximize efficiency and budgets across all channels. Please view further information regarding available digital advertising partners and opportunities below.

As you have questions about the program, please contact the GMCC Dealer Digital Support Team and they will facilitate any necessary steps. Upon enrollment your GMDC will be in touch regarding the partner selection and next steps.

800-655-2594 or

ATTENTION: Please note that Dealer Digital Solution enrollment choices for all digital services are now to be enrolled through this website and no longer through GlobalConnect.

If you do have any questions about this change or how to enroll for services through this website please reach out to the GMDC support team 800-655-2594

Select a Supplier

360 Agency

360.Agency is one of the largest digital advertising agencies specialized for the automotive industry in Canada. We understand the complexity of the CUSTOMER’S JOURNEY when shopping for a new or used vehicle, as well as after-sales services.

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Dealer Inspire

Built on unprecedented technologies and industry-leading design, the Dealer Inspire platform future-proofs dealerships by powering faster, easier, and more confident car shopping journeys from search to signature.

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At, we know that the automotive industry thrives when dealers, consumers, and manufacturers are completely connected. Using the industry’s leading digital advertising solution, you can automatically connect your vehicles with their most likely buyers, track and monitor ROI in real-time across your complete program, and execute any strategy, at scale, adapting as the situation requires. For an innovative, efficient and effective way to boost online sales, trust in

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Bringing over 15 years of automotive experience, innovative technology and expertise in online marketing, EDealer is proud to be a Cadillac Canada Certified Website & Digital Advertising Program Provider. We are committed to solving your problems with our transparent pricing model, dexterity in website design & development, online advertising, and superior inventory solutions. Focused on speed and efficiency, we are dedicated to your success with a ratio of 10:1 support to sales staff nationwide.

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Fox Dealer

Fox Dealer is a powerful digital partner. We combine five-star customer service with innovative tech to deliver real value to our clients. Fox specializes in creative design, digital marketing and responsive websites for dealerships. Our dedicated team of designers and campaign managers knows the industry and has the expertise to deliver value to our client’s time and again.

We're proud to be a Google Premier Partner. Our reputation as a top provider for high-performance dealerships is unmatched. Fox Dealer is here when you need digital marketing and advertising services.

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There’s advertising in multiple channels, and then there’s cross-channel advertising with Sincro. Sincro Digital Advertising and SEO solutions help you reach buyers on thousands of websites, social media, apps and online searches with a customized ad experience across all devices. Expert campaign strategy from certified Digital Advertising and SEO analysts, paired with a search-friendly website platform and proprietary A.I.-driven ad technology that maximizes your leads and ROI with true cross-channel advertising, optimized in real time, gets you in front of the right shoppers - at the right time, with the right message.

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