Your Trusted Partner in Digital Innovation

D2C Media, a leading provider of digital advertising solutions for automotive dealers in Canada, is committed to delivering exceptional performance and complete transparency. Our main focus is on boosting digital sales and empowering dealers to maximize their return on investment. We believe in leveraging dealership data to gain a competitive advantage. D2C Media's unique advantage lies in our advanced targeting and bidding technologies, coupled with a comprehensive multi-point attribution model. This enables us to optimize campaigns based on key metrics that are significant to dealers, such as cost per store visit and cost per sale, ensuring that your advertising efforts produce impressive outcomes.


Unlock Your Success with D2C Media, A Google Premier Partner

As an elite Google Premier Partner, an exclusive distinction reserved for the top 3% of high-performing agencies in Canada, D2C Media boasts a team of 20 certified experts poised to craft customized advertising solutions that align perfectly with your unique objectives.

  • Tailored Advertising Solutions: Our team of certified professionals is ready to design advertising solutions that align with your specific goals.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Our close partnership with Google grants us exclusive insights and early access to beta features to give you a competitive edge.
  • Access Unmatched Expertise: With direct access to Google's senior experts, we provide unparalleled campaign optimization, issue resolution, and industry-leading account management.

Our close collaboration with Google grants us exclusive access to cutting-edge beta features, giving you a strategic advantage over your rivals. Moreover, we maintain direct connections with Google's most seasoned professionals, enabling us to fine-tune campaigns, swiftly address challenges, and deliver unparalleled account management excellence in the industry.

Elevate Your Brand with D2C Media, Your Trusted Google Premier Partner

Revolutionary Automotive SEM Management

D2C Media proudly boasts the industry's most advanced, entirely proprietary, and unrivalled automated SEM management system within the dynamic automotive market.

  • Seamless API integration with Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook.
  • Harnesses AI to dynamically adjust bidding strategies using over 10 key parameters.
  • Precisely targets not just keywords but also individual in-market audience segments.
  • Achieves an astounding 300% average performance enhancement.

Our System Supports

  • Google and Bing search platforms.
  • Facebook and Google LeadAds for comprehensive marketing reach.
  • Dynamic inventory-based retargeting strategies.
  • Automated responsive display ads for maximum engagement.
  • YouTube video ads.
  • Fully automated campaigns linked directly to your website content, eliminating keyword update delays.
  • OEM incentives are seamlessly integrated into search and display ads, updated in real time.

Unleash the power of cutting-edge technology for unparalleled results in the automotive advertising landscape, and drive your business to new heights with our revolutionary SEM management system!

True Transparency in Digital Advertising for Dealers

In today's digital landscape, dealers face growing challenges in gauging the actual impact of their advertising efforts, often relying on outdated metrics like impressions, cost-per-click, VDP views, or vague interactions. At D2C Media, we firmly believe that dealers deserve complete transparency and performance metrics that truly matter to them, such as store visits and sales.

That's why, for over five years, D2C Media has stood as the sole Canadian agency committed to forging connections with all major DMS providers, ensuring dealers receive near real-time insights into store visits and sales, all without human intervention. This integration empowers our unique technology to optimize campaigns, aligning them with our dealers' ultimate business objective: selling cars!

Unlocking Success with Facebook & Google Lead Ads Campaigns

Recognizing that not all campaigns are cut from the same cloth and diverse business objectives demand tailored strategies, D2C Media consistently strives to accommodate a wide array of Google and Facebook campaigns to meet our dealers' ever-evolving needs. We specialize in harnessing the potential of Facebook and Google's Lead Ads campaigns, employing a unique recipe for success that yields a substantial quantity of leads and, more crucially, leads of superior quality that seamlessly translate into sales.

Place your trust in D2C Media's expertise as we skillfully configure the right creatives, target the appropriate audience, and optimize forms seamlessly integrated with our proprietary API for real-time lead retrieval and CRM synchronization. By entrusting us, you can redirect your focus toward engaging with prospects and making car sales happen!

Revolutionizing Dealership Presence on Facebook Marketplace

In the Canadian automotive landscape, Facebook Marketplace stands out as one of the most popular platforms for buying and selling used vehicles. D2C Media proudly is the sole provider in Canada that enables dealers to effortlessly and 'organically' showcase their entire inventory, encompassing both new and used vehicles, on Facebook Marketplace—no need to invest in AIA ads.

Our cutting-edge FB Marketplace integration updates your inventory hourly, conveniently presenting results within D2C Media's intuitive dashboard. Moreover, it offers detailed VIN-specific explanations when any vehicles face potential display restrictions, ensuring your listings are always optimized for maximum visibility and reach.

Investing in the Long-Term Success of Your Dealer Website with SEO

While we acknowledge the effectiveness of short-term traffic generation through search engine marketing, we firmly believe that every dealership should allocate a budget for a more enduring investment—establishing their website as a distinguished source of pertinent content within their brand and location.

Consistently crafting custom, meticulously curated content every month contributes to long-term SEO enhancement for dealership websites and elevates the quality ranking in SEM campaigns. This dual benefit makes it an appealing investment for both immediate and future success. At D2C Media, our specialized automotive content editors are well-versed in the art of creating SEO-optimized articles, ensuring your website gains the recognition it deserves in the digital realm.