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Leadbox digital advertising leverages the most effective types of advertising technology on all major channels to generate better clicks, better engagement and -ultimately- better leads.


Guaranteed to increase your advertising results

Better Results. Guaranteed.

Leadbox’s technology and advertising strategies are second to none. In fact, Leadbox will decrease the average cost per lead compared to your current provider - guaranteed.

Unrivalled Service Levels

White glove service for you.

Leadbox is there when you need it and will never leave you without a helping hand. Our bilingual phone service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Further, we guarantee that our digital advertising campaigns are live within 2 business days, change requests completed within 2 business days, creative production within 1 business day, and urgent requests resolved within 12 hours.

All the channels. All the ad types.

Showing your inventory wherever your shoppers are.

Car shoppers are everywhere, and so are we. Leadbox creates ads for car shoppers during crucial parts of their car-buying journey. Reaching consumers with the “Right Message” at the “Right Time” using industry-leading technology and partnering with the largest companies in Digital Marketing. Leadbox brings highly engaged car shoppers to your website.

All Aspects of Your Dealership

New Car, Used Car, or Fixed Ops? Yes.

New cars, Used cars, Trade-in/We-buy, Parts, Service or your own special dealer promotions, Leadbox helps grow all aspects of your dealership.

Incentives and Programs directly from Cadillac

Incentive Magic

Programs and incentives change often. Leadbox gathers every incentive directly from Cadillac and automatically applies them to your website and inventory advertising programs.

This means your inventory advertising will always have the latest pricing structure, and your shoppers will have the most detailed information - without you lifting a finger.