Technologies for the Innovative Dealer

Our company’s roots are in digital marketing. As former dealers themselves, our founders were committed to innovating digital solutions that would maximize the value of dealers’ marketing dollars. To ensure that ROI, dealers and dealer partners need full transparency into their campaigns while still being able to efficiently scale their advertising efforts. This core belief led to our team engineering FUEL℠, our dynamic inventory advertising program, as well as the first website platform in the automotive industry with a TruROI dashboard that attributes sales to specific marketing channels using our patent-pending event-based attribution model, Roxanne℠

Today, our team is made up of 600+ digital marketers with over 1,000 Google certifications who seamlessly connect custom built campaigns to convert with our innovative technology. This holistic approach won us Google’s 2017 Mobile Innovation Award against all other agencies in North America — auto and non-auto alike.



Dealer Inspire is a certified Google Premier Partner that leads the industry with innovative digital advertising strategies. Connecting search and social campaigns with our proprietary technologies, our team builds connected experiences that pull users into active shopping experiences. In 2017, we won the Google Mobile Innovation Award against all other agencies in North America for connecting our ad campaigns directly to your 24/7 A.I. Messaging Platform, Conversations™. In 2018, we were named finalists for connecting shoppers directly from Google SERPs to online car buying with our digital retailing product, Online Shopper™.


We staff a team of 25 PPC specialists to build, monitor, and constantly refine custom strategies for every dealership that target customers in each different phase of the buying cycle. Our technology and Premier Partner relationship with Google give us unparalleled insight into cutting-edge strategies and trends that can continue to push the limits of digital advertising.


FUEL℠ is our proprietary dynamic inventory advertising program that creates custom, highly-targeted paid search text ads and keyword lists based on real-time inventory data and conditional logic. This A.I. targets low-funnel shoppers with intelligent bidding decisions based on shopper intent, spending dollars precisely where and when they are most likely to buy to maximize marketing ROI. Each campaign is manually built, monitored, and continuously refined by our team of paid search specialists; and then optimize themselves based on changing inventory variables such as number in stock, days on the lot, VDP views, and more. FUEL℠ then automatically A/B tests all ads and runs the highest performing versions after sufficient data is collected, ensuring dealers are spending budget on high-converting ads.


It used to be that SEO was simply tactical implementations by webmasters, but modern search engines demand that a smarter digital presence be found across the web — so we have completely transformed our team and our strategy to build value across channels. Our SEO packages aren’t just pieces of content: they’re an advanced cross-platform execution of our search strategy, which is to create and optimize content for humans as well as search engines. By creating quality UX that informs and engages online shoppers — from on-site blogs, to custom inventory pages, to social posts, to e-blasts, to YouTube videos — our organic search team builds long-term SEO authority while converting sales.


Dealer Inspire has a full-service video production team — complete with writers, designers, videographers, video editors, and motion design artists — to visually execute your messaging goals, engage new audiences, and build organic search value through video platforms. Whether you need stunning drone footage for your homepage HTML5, an event coverage piece, a lease offer ad for YouTube, or a creative campaign for Facebook and Broadcast TV, our team is a one-stop shop for video production, syndication, and advertising that seamlessly connects with your overall strategy.